Praise for Peace Anonymous – The 12 Steps To Peace

I was glad to have read “The 12 Steps to Peace.” In the region of Los Angeles, California, many people actively working for peace have long suggested that “we are addicted to war.” Knowing the success to the 12 Step Movement around the world in coping with a wide variety of addictive behaviors, it is logical to consider applying its program towards our collective addiction to violence. In exploring the steps from this vantage point, Johnny F does not shy away from examining the realities created by violence, oppression, and war. In a sense, he is introducing us to the first step of the 12 Step program that requires people on this path to acknowledge there is a problem, and to acknowledge that we are responsible for it. For many people, this first realization is extremely difficult to accept and undertake. The author does us a great service by bringing our attention to these relevant issues, and insisting we admit to deficiencies in our way of life. He should be applauded for this effort, as not many people have the courage to undertake such deliberation.

Peace Anonymous - The 12 Steps to Peace – Book commentary by Greg Foisie



Our nation is addicted to war. The evidence is seen both abroad and at home. Here in Peace Anonymous – 12 Steps to Peace there is presented a path, a choice to recovery for our nation. Each one of us is part of this disease (as an addict or as a family member of our society) and will have to decide if we want to continue to enable our nation or embrace our own national responsibility to heal and be part of a positive change that rejects the addiction of corrupt power controlling our nation. This is the first time I have begun to deeply understand my path to recovery in relation to the 12 step program. I find this book to be a map of support and inspiration on this road to recovery that I wholeheartedly choose. Read this book and see if you as well might join our journey to recovery as individuals and as the nation we create.

Peace Anonymous - The 12 Steps to Peace – Book commentary by Kathleen Hernandez


Just a short email to say thanks for what you have done in writing the book Peace Anonymous- The 12 Steps To Peace. I am not an alcoholic and I have never had a dependency so when I first saw the book I wasn’t sure how it would impact me, but I had heard the book had strong moral strengths so I decided to buy it. That was a good move on my part. The other thing that made me buy it was that, while I think about the desire for peace from time to time, I really am ignorant of what is going on in our world today. I used to be one that said thank God for the American Intelligence (note the capital “I “ in intelligence) and military because they protect the good world from fascists and war mongers. It hasn’t been until recent years that I really stopped to think about following the money and that has shown me who we really need to worry about. I think America and its allies were true to their morals up until the early 1940’s. The CIA was formally started in 1948, I believe, but I’m sure it was some corporate leader or politician’s brain wave a few years earlier and they probably watched early successes in intelligence and manipulation and thought “hey, there can be money in this for me & my friends if we play our cards right”.  I really think it could have been that easy. And so here we are to the point where people like me think “it’s too big and too deep a problem for good people to solve”. (Step 1) We feel defeated. As Fr. Roy Bourgeois said “war kills hope and destroys joy”. It’s hard to rise up when you have no hope.   It is a strange connection you have made and I think one that some readers will have difficulty remembering the AA part as they read and get upset at the injustices described. It’s hard to read the book and keep thinking the principles of AA really can be applied to Peace. It takes some mind adjustment and, of course, we are not used to that. But your tie to AA is a most important connection because you, while not finding a defined answer to the world’s problems, you have given something that no one else has done that I know of- You have given hope. From hope we can build FAITH.

Peace Anonymous - The 12 Steps to Peace – Book commentary by Gordon Walker

This book is a gift. It is, as all good books are, a map out of the darkness—and it broke my heart wide open. Johnny F lays his truth on the line with bravery, clarity and astounding grace. He is also funny as hell.

Pam Bustin - Author of Mostly Happy and Ground: Hanoi to Hiroshima in the Wake of 9/11

Johnny F’s book “Peace Anonymous” is just what needs to be called attention to. The human condition is addicted to violence and needs a 12 step program, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. This book should be part of the school reading curriculum. I loved this book for its information and am grateful to have read it. 

Gary Goldberg – Host of “In The Spirit” WRPI Radio

I think everyone needs to read this book. The exciting thing is that the message is so simple – Peace. This books makes you think peace could be possible, it’s not happy crappy BS, it’s well thought out, steps, that everyone can follow.

Ciarra Lavers - Drummer with Helen and the Sirens

johnny F has written a book that makes one think, and question, and, perhaps, squirm, or fume, or feel provoked. But it needs to be read, and shared, and discussed. So many of us turn a blind eye to the evils of war, of world-wide poverty, of how the money men rule the world. The 12 Steps to Peace won’t allow us to do that. It’s a fascinating exploration of how the Twelve Step program could change this world. How each of us, regardless of whether we have had personal need to follow the Twelve Steps, can make a difference. Johnny F should be applauded for writing this book, and for sharing his story. I, for one, am so grateful that he did. 

Erin Geraghty - Actor

“The need is great. The cause is worthy.  The approach works. Peace Anonymous offers us hope!”

Jordan Rich – The Jordan Rich Show - WBZ Boston

In The 12 Steps to Peace Johnny F uses insight, wisdom and clear thinking to layout a practical and compassionate path of peace for human beings. His book is a reality check and wake-up call, especially for those of us living in the USA — We do not live in a true democracy; we are a culture addicted to violence; decades of US covert and overt wars have wreaked havoc on the rest of the planet; and our mainstream media reinforces the violence addiction by depicting this planet as a divided world. Johnny F reminds us that the majority of people around the world do want peace while a minority are fear-pushers fueling the addiction to violence that is now pandemic.

From the moment I picked up this book, I couldn’t put it down. I became completely engrossed in the work and the fascinating life of the author, Johnny F. 

D. M. Sanders – Classical Music Artist Manager

I had the great privilege of interviewing Johnny F on my “Believe” Show, which is a show of empowerment.  I also do a weekly Drug, Alcohol and Recovery Show and have seen the power of 12 Step Programs.  With Johnny F’s amazing insight of using the 12 Steps for Peace,  I “believe” with all of my heart,  that if we could get a copy of “The 12 Steps to Peace” into the hands of every person, not only would they benefit, but it would serve as a catalyst to extending peace to our planet. 

Barbara Bruce - Director of Community Relations and Talk Show Host for White Mountain Radio

After reading The 12 Steps To Peace and specifically addressing “The 12 Principles of Peace Anonymous” in my radio interview with Johnny F, I appreciated the simplicity of how if each one of us would only live these principles the world would have to be a more peaceful place. All 12 principles support unconditional love, the healer of all wounds. To Be Love is To Be Peace. 

Alan Hutner, Host / Producer, Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM)

The 12 Steps To Peace is must read for anyone who believes there is the slightest chance for Peace in the world.

Cindy Hull – Yogini

An inspirational tale and underscore to the possibilities of a better existence for us all through the enlightening thought process utilized by folks seeking to free themselves from addiction as championed by the AA organization. 

Otto Kjeldsen - Business CEO and Entrepreneur

We all want peace, that’s what we say. But as Johnny F points out in his book there are a lot of people and nations that are making too much money as a result of war. Johnny delivers a solid plan to end the fighting. Great read! 

Dr. R. Winn Henderson - Author and Radio Host of Share Your Mission