My Granddaughter’s Future

by / Thursday, 25 December 2014 / Published in Change, Foreign Policy, human rights, peace, Spiritual

Since 9/11 there have been hundreds of people attempting to understand exactly who was responsible for the events of that day. As I sift through the information and attempt to piece together a version of the story, which makes sense to me, I can honestly say I have no idea exactly what the truth is. However, what I do know, without doubt, is that there are a significant number of questions suggesting the story told to the public was not 100% truthful. So much of it simply does not add up. And, as a result of 9/11, billions of dollars in defense contracts, as well as revenue from oil (Iraq) and drugs (Afghanistan) have been funneled through the hands of a very small group of people who were intent on leading those invasions.
Was this just a coincidence? Almost 2 million Iraqis have died – 90% of them innocent women and children – and billions of dollars have been added to taxpayer’s debt as our children have gone off to war. Some have died there. Some came home unable to withstand the trauma they had witnessed and have taken their own lives. All have come home scarred in some way, from their experience.
As we leave Christmas and head into 2015 there is no doubt we live in a confusing, difficult world. Very often it is about the questions we ask ourselves. For example: Do you feel helpless regarding the war and violence in our world? Do you believe we must kill others to protect ourselves? Are you afraid of those of other races or religions? Who profits from war? Can we continue down this path? What will result if we do not change?
The point is simple: If I have not been told the truth about 9/11how do I know I’ve been told the truth about Bengazi? Or ISIS? Or Al-Queda? Why does the media consistently tell me what “our enemies” have done – but I rarely hear about those times when we have been at fault. When do we ever look honestly at ourselves? And what – exactly – would we learn about the past 15 years if we water-boarded Bush and Cheney?
Citizens United has escalated corporate involvement and control in the political process. You may call it democracy if you wish, but it seems to me that as those who profit from war now run the government. And they are not happy with the billions in profit they accumulated last year – they want more. Isn’t this addiction to greed at the root of the global insanity? Isn’t it all about how corporate America thinks? Hasn’t the selfishness, driven by ego, created the insanity we witness in our world? Is it not clear that our political and corporate leadership are one in the same, and they profit while the rest of the world, regardless of where you are from, pay dearly.
Mainstream media has turned into nothing more than a reality TV show where the audience must sift through the nonsense to discover a plausible story. In fact, visitors to America laugh at the bullshit we are fed. While CNN or FOX may frequently interview Ted Nugent (who earned the right to have his opinion heard after he so eloquently wrote and recorded “Wango Tango”) rarely do they interview a scholar such as Noam Chomsky or even a representative of Veterans for Peace who has gone to war on our behalf and come home with a much different version of the truth than the one we are told. The fact is there are hundreds of gifted writers and journalists in our world who are prepared to tell you all you need to know about the problem – if you are courageous and open-minded enough to look for it.
Can you see also the connection between the violence in Ferguson, LA and New York and the insanity in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan? Can you see the insanity taking place over there is now happening right here at home and it is the same people calling the shots? Can you see the issue of race as being an aspect of the dehumanization process? Can you understand why the police have been militarized?
What is wrong at the level of our souls which allows us to look the other way as a small group of selfish, self-centered individuals – who are addicted to greed and power – steals the wealth of our country and our world? Is it acceptable for us to continue to kill and torture each other – all so a few can profit and control. If you, like me, have concluded that we are at least, in part, responsible for the insanity in our world the question I have is, “What is the solution?”
Mankind has been at war for centuries. But never before has the capability to self-destruct been so obviously apparent. Can we change how we think? Can we recover from this insane addiction? Are we capable of evolving? Can we let go of believing what our minds – our egos – whisper in our ear and follow the wisdom of our hearts and souls? Can we, the people, do an honest appraisal of our country and realize that what we have been doing no longer serves a positive purpose in our world.
Those in Washington, the Pentagon, and on Wall Street do not want peace. There is no profit in it. But when the collective consciousness of our world shifts we will know peace. It is happening. How many more have to die when we, as individuals, come to see and understand that we really do have a choice. Do you want to be part of the solution or part of the problem?
Isn’t it time to wake up?