12 Principles of Peace Anonymous

The following principles as they relate to their corresponding Step

  1. Truth – We became acutely aware of the impact of violence in our society. We became committed to looking past our denial, and the false messages created by those who profit from violence, to clearly see the truth of who and what we have become.
  2. Faith – We strive to develop faith that the Power of the Universe restore us to sanity. We recognize that a Power greater than ourselves was required to solve the problems our limited understanding had created.
  3. Surrender – We realized that our future, left solely in the control of mankind, would see violence continue to escalate. Man’s way clearly did not work and we asked God as we understand Him, guide us. This guidance may be reflected in the collective conscience of the world's people.
  4.  Honesty – We searched our souls and looked at the impact our behavior had in creating, or allowing violence to exist in my life and in our communities. We conducted a fearless inventory to expose any character defects in our culture that were the root cause of our violent behavior.
  5. Integrity – We let go of our selfishness and made a decision to live according to the spiritual principles of love, tolerance and peace.
  6. Acceptance – We accepted our imperfections as being part of who we are, and at the same time, we became entirely read to let go of the defects that stood in the way of our progress in our search for peace.
  7.  Humility – Asked our Higher Power to remove our defects of character and recognizing that peace will result if I seek guidance from a kind and loving God.
  8. Willingness – Became willing to question everything in our world in order to see, and accept, where our actions and behaviors had a detrimental effect on ourselves and on others.
  9. Forgiveness – Accepted that the power of forgiveness was essential in changing our world and that nothing positive could be achieved by holding onto resentments. It was only through forgiveness that peace could enter our lives.
  10. Maintenance – We came to believe that the solutions to our problems were contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition and that it was a spiritual axiom that every time I am disturbed there is something wrong with me.
  11. Making Contact –  We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understand Him in an effort to live in peace.
  12. Service – To carry the message of peace to those who wish to have it.